In-House Diagnostics

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Diagnosis & Treatment Services

Correct and timely diagnosis is important to properly treat your pet. We offer a full in-house veterinary laboratory including hematology, chemistries, endocrinology, virology, parasite diagnostics and cytology.

Radiographic Imaging

We offer the latest in digital radiology and training to provide the best images. We are also experienced with OFA certification.

Alternative Medicine

For chiropractic issues, we offer acupuncture as an alternative treatment. We also offer MusculoSkeletal(MS) Manipulation which can provide immediate, total relief of some pets’ symptoms. Most pets will experience at least partial or temporary relief. These treatments may require multiple trips to SCAH for ongoing care.

Companion Laser

Companion Laser is a form of light, including laser, that results in beneficial therapeutic outcomes including alleviation of pain or inflammation, immunomodulation, and promotion of wound healing and tissue regeneration. Application of laser/light to impaired or dysfunctional tissue leads to a cellular response mediated by mitochondrial mechanisms that reduce pain and inflammation and speed healing.

MusculoSkeletal (MS) Manipulation

When bones and spine are not aligned correctly, the joint, muscle, nerve, connective tissue, blood flow and function can be affected. Musculoskeletal massage is used to “adjust” these to restore normal range of motion and release pressure on surrounding tissues. Manipulation can relieve the pain of conditions such as degenerative joint disease and disk disease. Correction of some subluxations can also improve the health of internal organs. MS manipulation can result in immediate total relief of some pets symptoms. Partial or temporary relief is also possible. Treatment may require multiple trips to SCAH for ongoing care.

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